Web design


FindBeauty provides web design services for all beauty professionals. Whether you need a website for your beauty salon, hair salon or independent beauty services (makeup artists, hairdressers, etc.) we will be able to help.

What technology is the best for creating 'beauty websites'?

Depending on a client's needs we use several different technologies when creating the websites. Without a doubt, the majority of websites created these days (regardless of whether it is in the beauty industry or not) use WordPress. This technology has got many benefits but is not the best solution in every case.

WordPress websites are easy to manage but have got certain drawbacks like using a database (which slows them down), potential problems with hacking and the need for constant updates and maintenance. If you are a small business owner and update your website only occasionally, there is a better solution, a so-called static page.

Static pages do not communicate with the database and therefore are very fast to load. Also, there is no risk of hacking as the page contains pure HTML code, with a little CSS and JavaScript. As mentioned, before creating a website we will discuss in-depth the client's needs and advice on the best technology to move forward. We can create simple static pages with Hugo generator, WordPress pages for clients who want to update their website regularly and Ruby on Rails applications for more advanced projects.

Web design pricing

How much does it cost to design a website for a beauty salon or a beauty professional? We are trying to keep our costs down and will use existing designs (so-called templates) to create a website. That allows us to offer a very competitive price. Our standard web design service costs only £249.99 for a multipage website and £149.99 for a one-page website. There are also some costs for hosting your websites, it is £11.99 per month.

You will find some more information about our packages on our pricing page. All our website design customers will receive our premium business listing package without extra costs. So by ordering a website design from us you will benefit in a few different ways. We are proud of our customer service and are always happy to help. If you need a website design service or have some questions regarding this topic, please contact us today!